Super Lengthy Bio

Hello friends!

This page serves a bit of a dual purpose.  First, to give a little of my life history.  Second, to explain why I started this page.  Disclaimer: it’s going to be really drawn out and boring.

I was born in Knoxville, TN and raised in Oneida on the plateau.  My parents divorced at a relatively early age for me but I was blessed with a good childhood.  Through high school I did well academically, and after finishing tied for fourth in my class, I left Scott County to attend the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.

Following graduation, I accepted Christ as my Savior on June 9th, 2012 at Laurel Lake Baptist Camp.  How odd it was that a lost person found their way to being team captain… On July 4th, my maternal grandfather and one of my greatest Christian role models passed away.  On July 21st, my father was arrested.  After being baptized on August 5th, I left for Knoxville to begin my education.  I take time for detail here because I count this summer as the most important of my life thus far for numerous reasons.  Not only was my place in heaven eternally sealed, but the diversity that followed worked to strengthen my newfound relationship with God through Christ.  I found that, despite the circumstances, it was the first time in my life that I was truly happy.

Starting school at UTK was daunting.  I had gone from being comparatively exceptional to average.  I was surrounded by future physicians and engineers.  My ambitions of becoming a physician were youthful at this point, and finding that 80% of my 300 person freshman biology class wanted to pursue medicine left me with a feeling of doubt.  What if I would be a part of those that were left behind by my classmates, failing to achieve what I always thought I was meant to do?  I resolved to simply keep my head down and focus.  After my first semester and the first B of my life, I realized that effort would have to be my method of distinguishing myself.  Four years later, I received my B.S. in Biological Sciences with a concentration in Biochemistry, Cellular, and Molecular Biology from the Chancellor’s Honors program, a 3.84 GPA, Summa Cum Laude.

While getting my degree, I was actively having to pursue experience that would benefit me in terms of medical school application.  Studying for the MCAT my senior year was miserable, and taking it equally so.  I volunteered some, but found that my main experience came scribing in an emergency room.  I soon found out that, despite my nearly having a degree in biochemistry, I had literally no clue what was going on.  What a terrifying realization!  Over time, I became more acclimated with the goings on of the ED, and found that when it was time to interview at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center (the only interview I had), I had spent 1700 hours over the course of the past 11 months in the ER.  What a blessing it was to have experiences to discuss.

Three long weeks later, I found out that I had been accepted.  Elated is an understatement.  Crying in the hallway outside of the ER isn’t necessarily a position that I wanted to find myself in, but hearing from my mother over the phone that I was finally going to be going to medical school was overwhelming.  At last, I could relax (relatively speaking).

I started medical school in August 2017, with planned graduation in May 2021.  Following, I hope to pursue a residency in Emergency Medicine and return to Knoxville following to work near my home in East Tennessee.

I find that my mind often wanders.  Past experiences, future experiences, nothing out of its grasp.  To that end, I have considered a sort of journal as a way to vent and reflect to myself.  This page serves as my outlet, to help me reflect those ponderings which I find to be at least mildly significant.